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Who is “Der_Metzler”?

  • Der_Metzler (Twitch)
  • Dustin aka Duz
  • 30 years old
  • father of an amazing son
  • a passionate gamer dad

I mainly stream Survival Shooters such as „Escape from Tarkov“ or variety e.g. the „Dark Souls“ series.
PUBG“ was my first step into streaming. Chatting with others makes my day so I am very chat active, therefore there are often totally pointless Faildeaths because I prefer to chat over watching out.

Main games:

  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Dark Souls I-III
  • Ring of Elysium

Introduction to ULTRASONE

It all started with a conversation about first person shooters and survival games between me and streamer colleague FRDY. 
Since he works at ULTRASONE, a german high end headphone manufacturer, I never heard if of, I ended up learning a little bit. As I had been thinking about buying a new pair of headphones for a while, FRDY answered a few questions about the headphones manufactured by hand in their workshop near lake Starnberg  there. After felt hours we talked about headphones, he asked me if I would like to participate exclusively in a full test of the Ultrasone Edition 8 EX headphones and write down my own

experiences with the headphone. I would be the first to be able to test a combination of the ULTRASONE Edition 8 EX and an amplifier that is only as big as a standard USB thumb drive. This DAC should be able to convert the sound with a sampling rate of 192 kHz and a resolution of 24 bits, which seemed almost impossible for me. Although I’m used to the same values ​​from my USB interface, it’s sized like a DVD drive.
I agreed to the test and eagerly waited for the headphones to be able to really go into the smallest details, do my own experiences and based on them to criticise. You can read this review here.

The big unboxing

On Oktober 11, 2018, I received the eagerly awaited ULTRASONE test delivery from Bavaria. A carefully packaged package which was just waiting to be opened.

The test bundle includes the NAOS DAC (not included in the standard EX 8 delivery but included in the first 500 Founders series), as well as an additional cable with microphone and remote control for the headphones to operate a smartphone. In addition to the cables contained in the ULTRASONE Edition 8 EX headphones, which I will later discuss, this cable is held in a stylish silver and encased in plastic tubing for protection. Now to the gold piece of this delivery.

The Edition 8 EX is in this really high-quality aluminum case and eagerly awaits being tested. The Headphones offer a frequency range of 5 – 42,000 Hz, weigh just 330 g and have a high-quality glossy PVD coating and ceramic on the outside. An impedance of 38 ohms is given.
The earpads made of Ethiopian sheepskin are magnetically removable and the headband is made of brushed aluminum.
What I’m looking forward to the most is the S-Logic EX® technology of the Headphones, which makes it possible to create a spatial sound on the ear with stereo headphones. The transducer does not sit in the middle as it does with conventional headphones, but was arranged in a decentralized manner to take into account the spatial perception of hearing by incorporating the auricular anatomy.

Now to the last components of the scope of delivery. Personally, the color choice of the four-way twisted audio cable does not convince me, because everything else is held in palladium, chrome or aluminum, but this did not play a great role for me, since these cables are only for PC or audio operation. On the one hand, there is an approximately 1.20 m long quadruple twisted cable with a 3.5 mm jack in a blue silk purse to be seen in the pictures, as well as a 4 m long cable which also has a 3.5 mm jack and a corresponding cable Adapter to a 6.3mm jack contains.

gaming with the EX 8

First Person Survival Shooter, here:
Escape from Tarkov

One of my maingames on my channel is definitely Escape from Tarkov. A hard core survival shooter with a raid / loot system and a number of weapon modifications, which is one of the most important aspects besides discovering your opponent. A rustling shrubbery, reloading a weapon, and setting the firing mode on a weapon are all sounds that will decide in the game about your life or your death. Even staying in one place and spinning one’s character quickly creates weapons, clothing and sliding noise in the environment, so it is essential to hear well. In fact, after my four-week test, I have to say that so far no headphone has convinced me so much as the Edition 8 EX and only now I realize how different sound experiences can be. So that you can imagine as a reader as I have experienced the whole I try to describe it to you as follows: 

In the past, I always made sure that headphones are loud enough to be able to perceive the generated sounds at maximum distances.
Now I have noticed how different loud sounds can be within a firefight.
The sounds are clearly separated from each other and reproduced in the cleanest quality.

Imagine a battle in which you perceive at least three different weapons. You can clearly and separately perceive that these are these weapons, but how about you could perceive that there are not three different weapons at all, but a total of 5 opponents with 3 different weapons and you you can hear it all at once because you can hear that a rifle fires at the same time with a distance of about five meters to the other?

Exactly this difference has made for me the Edition 8 EX. No headphone in the world makes you a better player, but it lets you assess some situations quite differently. Even in declaring the position of an opponent, the Edition 8 EX made the difference. The sound is so clear and precise that I often predicted an exact position in the streams, rather than just one direction. I was able to predict the direction and the distance before seeing the opponent. For Escape from Tarkov I can conclude that of course I did not become a Uberplayer or a godlike gamer, but I often played different tactics than afterwards without the Edition 8 EX. You only become aware of the fact that you were able to assess situations more clearly, and thereby secured the advantage of a better positioning, or even decided to wait a moment instead of rushing to go into a wrong situation where you are inferior wearing your normal headphones again that did not offer you this advantage.

World War 3

World War 3 is a pure First Person Tactic Shooter that is much faster than Escape from Tarkov and has a Capture the Flag system running.
Better listening is not as important here as it was in Escape from Tarkov, but I wanted to play as many genres as possible in the weeks of the test, not just to focus on the location but also on the general sound quality. Many headphones offer either rich or clear sound and then make sense especially for different genres, but here, too, the Edition 8 EX convinced me. The sound to locate was clean, while I could hear the bass-heavy tanks rushing through the area. A caliber .50 rifle sounds exactly as it should sound and the immersion is deep as it should.

World War 3

Also in the Battle Royale genre I wanted to test the Edition 8 EX and convince myself of the location of the opponents. In fact, next to Escape from Tarkov, I have to say that it made the biggest difference in PUBG for me. The steps were simply targetable to one direction and the situations were much easier for me to analyze.

Other genres

Other genres were not essential to my test, but as I mentioned earlier , I just did not want to miss the headphones anymore. The comfort of the earpads and the weight are just so consistent that you could stream and play with them for hours. Even with the game Dark Souls I really liked the Edition 8 EX, because in the Bossfights there is very epic music represented which sounded incredible with the headphones.

NAOS amplifier – small but nice

It’s unbelievable what this little monster can do. The headphones should definitely be operated on an additional sound card, a USB interface or on a mixing console on the PC so that the generated ingame sound can also be played correctly.You don’t have the room to install a clunky amplifier and mixer somewhere? With this tiny thing it works without any problems. I’ve tested the amplifiers on my internal sound card of an MSI Z370 A-Pro. I used an additional hurdle and connected the headphones via the front panel of the tower via the NAOS and I could not feel any difference to my 192kHz 24bit USB interface from Steinberg, except of course that I did not connect my microphone via the NAOS can, which requires a + 48V phantom power.


In terms of sound for gaming, the Edition 8 EX are so far unbeatable for me. I really wanted to give the manufacturer as much criticism as possible in order to increase the performance of future products, but there is no criticism to be found. Neither when it comes to performance nor comfort. I am totally convinced of the headphones and painfully, i have to admit that it is strange to re-pack them after the test and to renounce the Edition 8 EX.